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Act against COVID-19

Within the continuous efforts of ADD delivered more than 1000 hand sanitizers and cleaning tools to Dmazin alongside with posters and other health promotion materials, in a collaboration with SMOH.  ADD with its international donors scaled up the awareness campaign for the COVID-19  pandemic, moreover in this fight against COVID-19 ADD start to prepare its health facilities and the training of the health staff, alongside the awareness campaign in the markets and the crowded areas about the importance of hygiene and handwashing with soap and accordance with the oficial in structure from the MOH.

In addition, DR.Nader Altaib(ADD health and nutrition manager)  affirmed that ADD services included sinnar state in coordination with the SMOH during the past two weeks throughout the mobile clinics and health teams which are supported by ADD.

DR.Nader pointed out that the preparations are running do perform a broad range of activities in all of the states that ADD works in (KH, BN, WN, and Sinnar) in coordination with the donors and partners. He also mentioned that there is a contentious communication with partners and donors to include the northern state and other border states in the activities against the COVID-19 pandemic until the country overcome this threat. Lastly, he gave many thanks to all the supporters of ADD in this effort. Hoping that Allah will lift this pandemic and all will back to normal.

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